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Pentagon Rushes New Isolation Units for Ebola

“The Pentagon is rushing the development of an isolation system for U.S. troops who may have been infected by or exposed to Ebola while stationed in West Africa to treat the more than 15,000 people with the virus, a newly released Pentagon document shows,” USA Today reports.  

“The Defense Threat Reduction Agency filed a request Monday for permission to issue a sole-source contract to St. Louis-based Production Products Manufacturing and Sales to develop a transport isolation system that would ‘be used for the safe evacuation of Ebola-exposed or Ebola-infected personnel from affected areas.'”  

“Such a system would allow patients and troops exposed to Ebola to travel home on military aircraft. Air Force documents show that transport of patients with Ebola back to the United States is done by Phoenix Air, a Georgia-based contractor that can fly only one patient at a time on its modified business jet aircraft.”

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