Military Construction-VA Appropriations by the Numbers

Posted April 14, 2015 at 4:57pm

House appropriators unveiled a spending bill this week for military construction and veterans programs that would fall short of what the president wants, but would boost spending over the current level.

A look at major parts of the House’s draft bill:


Bill: $76.6 billion.

President’s request: $77. 8 billion.

Fiscal 2015 level: $72 billion.

Military construction:

Bill: $7.7 billion.

President’s request: $8.5 billion.

Fiscal 2015 level: $6.8 billion.

Other major elements:

VA Medical: $48.6 billion.

Construction: $986 million.

Electronic health records: $233 million.

Source: House Appropriations Committee; numbers are rounded/approximate.