Chinese Soldiers Linked to U.S. Military Hacking Case

Posted January 20, 2016 at 6:19am

The Globe and Mail reports that “two Chinese government soldiers were part of a hacking conspiracy allegedly carried out by a Chinese resident of Canada to steal secrets relating to components of F-35s and other American warplanes, according to court-filed documents.”  

“Prosecution ‘books of record,’ recently released by a Vancouver court following a request from The Globe and Mail, make explicit Chinese military ties that were not publicly alleged when this rare cyberespionage prosecution was launched in 2014.”  

“The case centres on Su Bin, a 50-year-old Chinese aviation-industry entrepreneur residing in Vancouver, and the two unnamed ‘co-conspirators’ revealed to be Chinese soldiers. Despite their military connection, it remains unclear whether the alleged scheme was state-sponsored, or whether the conspirators were essentially soldiers moonlighting to enrich themselves.”