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Petraeus: EU Security Would be Hurt by Brexit

General David Petraeus, U.S. Army (Ret.), former commander of coalition forces in Afghanistan and Iraq and former CIA Director, wrote in the Sunday Times (UK) : “As an American with enormous respect for and appreciation of the UK and its citizens, I encourage my British friends to think twice before withdrawing from one of the most important institutions that undergirds Western strength—the European Union.”  

“The decision by the UK whether or not to remain in the EU is, of course, one for the British people to decide, and it will undoubtedly turn on assessments of many issues. But as an American who was privileged to command America’s and the UK’s sons and daughters in combat and as one very concerned about international security issues, there is no question in my mind that a “Brexit” would deal a significant blow to the EU’s strength and resilience at exactly the moment when the West is under attack from multiple directions. A Brexit would also reduce considerably Great Britain’s ability to influence and guide the future of Europe, still the world’s largest economic bloc; it would undoubtedly reduce British influence on the world stage, as well.”

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