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Drawing Attention with a Billboard Convention

Special interests, businesses plaster the city with hot-button ads and promos for beer

This billboard is getting a lot of attention in Cleveland ahead of the convention. (Photo courtesy of WKYC TV).
This billboard is getting a lot of attention in Cleveland ahead of the convention. (Photo courtesy of WKYC TV).

From education reform to abortion rights, a forest of special interest billboards has risen along Cleveland-area roadsides ahead of next week’s Republican convention.  

The old-school advertising platform is filling up fast with thousands of conventioneers, media and other politicos set to descend on Northeast Ohio for Donald Trump’s nomination.  

Media Life reported there are 900 traditional billboards and 50 digital ones in the Cleveland area.  

Ahead of the GOP political fest, they cover almost every hot-button issue in play this election season, with some sponsors looking to cause a stir.  

For instance, one paid for by the National Institute for Reproductive Health reads, “The RNC platform will make abortion illegal. I provide abortions. How much time will I serve?” Fox 8 Cleveland reported on Tuesday.  

Politics, obviously, is also in play.  

Another reads, “Trump ’16. Stay on his good side” and another, paid for by the Media Research Center, reads, “Dear Hillary, we have your back. … The Media.”  

No candidate or issue seems to be out of the realm of possibilities.  

The Armenian Assembly of America placed billboards to spread awareness about the Armenian genocide.  reported that an Education XQ billboard reads, “Math. Science. Social Studies. Some subjects should always be part of political conversation,” while another Media Research Center billboard reads, “Don’t Believe the Liberal Media.”  

One getting a lot of attention is an entry from Stasek realty, according to WKYC .  

“Leaving the country if Trump or Hillary are elected? We’ll get your house sold!”  

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