Canada Says Military Satcom Negotiations with U.S. Much Improved

Posted November 11, 2016 at 4:17am

SpaceNews reports that “the Canadian official who negotiated Canada’s entry into the U.S. Wideband Global System (WGS) on Nov. 10 said the U.S. Defense Department has become much more open to international partnerships than it used to be.”

“Lt. Col. Abde Bellahnid, whose work on WGS was recognized by a meritorious service award from the Canadian government, said his U.S. counterparts have become increasingly willing to take allied opinions into account.”

“He said he was particularly impressed by the U.S. Defense Department’s willingness to allow allies a seat at the table as the Pentagon evaluates next-generation satellite communications requirements and the future involvement of the commercial sector and U.S. allies. The process, known as an Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), has included an invitation to 16 allies to take part.”