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Joe Biden Vlog: Lowering the Cost of Insulin - August 12, 2021

  • Gail deVore
  • Joe Biden
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Gail deVore

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In 2001, insulin was $39 a bottle. The same exact bottle of insulin, with the same exact formula, the list price is now $280 a bottle. 1


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[Text on screen: "Gail is a type one diabetic. She spends $400 a month on her insulin. President Biden invited her to talk about rising prescription drug prices."] 2

Gail deVore

Leans Negative
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Let me just start by saying the Hodgson family, their six-year-old daughter Frankie is a diabetic, just like me, a Type 1, and I talked to them last night, and Frankie, a six-year-old said, "Maybe Gail can ask President Biden to make insulin affordable for us, so that I can afford it." What six-year-old has to worry about how much her insulin is gonna cost? 3

Gail deVore

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Insulin is every day, every week, every month, every year, for the rest of my life. 4

Joe Biden

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In my view, healthcare, not a privilege. It should be right. The only thing that Medicare is not allowed to negotiate for a price for is a prescription drug. The only thing -- the only exception, and, uh, it's long past time we -- we changed that. But to really solve a solution, Congress needs to act, and, uh, to have to worry the rest of our lives about whether or not you can afford medication, is just nothing you should have to worry about, or anybody else. 5