GOP Plans ‘America Speaking Out’ Bill Rollout

Posted September 15, 2010 at 3:31pm

House Republican leaders plan to introduce a series of bills over the next two weeks as part of their “America Speaking Out” agenda-setting initiative, Chief Deputy Minority Whip Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) said Wednesday.

“What are things that can still happen this year that can improve the economy, control our spending [and] can reform that building up there?” McCarthy asked. “Over the next two weeks you will see a set of bills rolled out to do that.”

McCarthy made his announcement during an event to promote the book “Young Guns,” which he authored with Minority Whip Eric Cantor (Va.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.). The book lays out a series of solutions that the trio believes will help create jobs.

McCarthy is leading the House GOP “America Speaking Out” effort, which began in May.

“You will find over the next two weeks, we’ll lay it out, we’ll ask for the votes now, and we believe it will help the economy right now before the election,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy didn’t offer any specifics about the bills. However, the agenda is expected to be based on the five planks outlined in the House Republican August recess document: jobs, national security, spending restraint, government reform and health care.