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To submit an opinion piece, write to

What are you looking for? We publish timely op-eds on policy, politics and current affairs. Our opinion section is a forum for ideas. Forceful persuasion is welcome; ad hominem attacks are not.

What should I submit? We need five things:
1) Your 600-800 word op-ed. Make it lively and boilerplate-free.
2) Your assurance that the op-ed is exclusive to Roll Call and has never been published elsewhere.
3) Your disclosure of any financial or lobbying interests in the topics raised. Who are your clients? Do you have ties to businesses or advocacy groups?
4) Tell us a short biography, no more than two sentences.
5) Your contact information, including a telephone number.

How should I submit it? Paste all of the above — your op-ed, exclusivity assurance, disclosures, biography and contact info — into the body of an email. We don’t open file attachments.

How soon will I hear back? If we’re interested in your op-ed, we’ll be in touch within three business days. If we’ve published something from you recently, we’ll probably say no. Try again in three months.