National Gallery Acquires Trio of Paintings

Posted January 15, 2003 at 2:14pm

Last week, the National Gallery of Art announced the acquisition of three 20th century works by leading artists.

The trio of paintings includes Roy Lichtenstein’s 1977 tribute to Picasso and surrealism, “Girl with Beach Ball III”; a grid painting by Agnes Martin titled “Field #2”; and abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning’s “Two Women,” a 1953 charcoal.

All three works were gifts from art collectors Robert and Jane Meyerhoff.

The National Gallery earlier displayed these paintings in its 1996 exhibit “The Robert and Jane Meyerhoff Collection: 1945 to 1995.”

Under a 1987 agreement, the Meyeroffs — who have to date given 42 works to the Gallery — will eventually donate their entire collection to the museum.

The paintings will be housed in the Gallery’s East Building and will be available for viewing later this year.

— Bree Hocking