D.C. Libraries Cut Hours Starting Today

Posted February 28, 2003 at 4:12pm

In response to $587,159 in city budget cuts, the D.C. public libraries will scale back the days and times they are open starting today.

The libraries will absorb $306,791 of the cuts by reducing their 52-hour weeks to 40 and cutting the days the branches are open from six to five.

By reducing the operating hours, libraries will operate on a one-shift schedule instead of the current two-shift schedule, drastically reducing costs.

While the change in public service hours cuts down on operating costs, the library still faces a budget shortfall and plans to eliminate vacant positions in administration and public service and reduce its leases for new vehicles and equipment for another $280,368 in savings.

Despite the reduction in public service hours, Molly Raphael, director of the District of Columbia Public Library, pledges continued dedication to service by library staff.

— Katie Kennon