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Grenades Used in Attempted Union Station Robbery Were Not Live

The Capitol Police have determined two grenades found in the possession of a man arrested near Union Station on Monday night were not live munitions.

Neither of the grenades had a detonator and both primers had been previously fired. The weapons “could have been used as training grenades,” said Capitol Police spokeswoman Jessica Gissubel.

The grenades were detonated by Capitol Police on Tuesday morning at a remote location.

Police are charging the suspect, Juan Radwill Tubbs, with threatening to use an explosive device to injure or damage property. Tubbs was scheduled for arraignment Tuesday afternoon in D.C. Superior Court.

Capitol Police assisted the Amtrak Police Department in apprehending Tubbs, who allegedly attempted to rob a store inside Union Station. Police located Tubbs on G Street Northeast.

According to Capitol Police officials, Tubbs removed a pin from one of the grenades when approached by officers. An Amtrak officer obtained the grenade, which was then placed into a Capitol Police bomb truck, in accordance with “render safe procedures.”

A second grenade found in a duffel bag in Tubbs’ possession was also placed into the truck.

During the incident Capitol Police closed G Street Northeast between North Capitol and First streets.

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