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At Least 2 Cable Networks Plan Election Night Coverage

Political junkies will be able to tune in to at least some of their favorite cable TV networks tonight for coverage of today’s off-year elections.

Gubernatorial elections are being held in Mississippi and Kentucky. There are mayoral elections in Philadelphia, San Francisco and Houston, with the battle in Philadelphia between incumbent John Street (D) and challenger Sam Katz (R) the most heated — and the most politically significant.

Referenda to consider some form of legalized casino gambling are on the ballots in Maine, Colorado, Iowa and Indiana. And New York City voters will consider a measure to make all municipal elections nonpartisan.

C-SPAN will air local news coverage from Mississippi, Kentucky and Philadelphia as soon as polls close at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

CNN will cover the elections in Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, Mississippi and Kentucky beginning at 4 p.m. with news anchor Maria Hinojosa. Coverage will focus on the Philadelphia election, the casino referenda, and mass transit initiatives in Houston, Tucson and Kansas City.

There will be no special election coverage tonight on Fox News Channel.

A spokesperson for CNBC and MSNBC did not know by press time Monday whether there would be any extended election coverage on either of the networks tonight.

— Carolyn Shuckerow