Man Arrested After Breaking Cannon Building Window

Posted November 3, 2003 at 1:54pm

Capitol Police officers arrested a man Monday afternoon after he allegedly broke a window in the Cannon House Office Building using a brick.

Jasper Crown, 46, will be charged with destruction of government property, Capitol Police spokeswoman Jessica Gissubel said. Crown has no fixed address.

According to Capitol Police, at approximately noon Crown, who was dressed in “full business attire,” picked up a brick and threw it at the southeast entrance of the Cannon Building. When the brick bounced off the building’s doors, Crown retrieved it and aimed it at a nearby window.

“The brick did not make entry into the building,” Gissubel said, but it did shatter the window, prompting four officers assigned to the entrance to leave their posts and arrest the suspect. “It appeared to them it could have been gunshots or some kind of explosion,” she said.

The suspect is considered a “known nuisance” to Capitol Police officers, Gissubel said.

Although she could not immediately give details about Crown’s previous incidents with Capitol Police, the spokeswoman noted: “He’s known to officers on the Hill as being somewhat mentally disturbed.”