Dear Diary

Posted November 5, 2003 at 5:47pm

Roll Call has obtained an exclusive copy of Sen. Bob Graham’s (D-Fla.) diary entry from Monday Nov. 3, the day he announced his decision to not seek a fourth term next year.

8:03 — Awake at mlth [Miami Lakes town house] dress in red& blue plaid shirt, blue jeans

8:31-9:16 — Kitchen — brew Folgers, eat breakfast (Grape Nuts with peach in fave Tony the Tiger bowl)

8:50 — Call Don Graham/WPost; muse aloud about potential benefits of editorial touting strong VP credentials

8:51 — Call Senate finance office, check on pension

8:52 — Make 4:30 dinner reserv at Steak & Ale in Kendall; make note for future ref that early bird special only in effect BEFORE 5pm

8:56 — Sprinkle Metamucil on cereal

8:57 — Autograph photos

8:59 — Call Jimmy Buffett, break news; he (jokes?)was all downhill after i cited “Changes in Latitudes” as my presidential campaign theme song; “Cheeseburger in Paradise” more upbeat?

9:02 — update body of speech; add Churchill line this is “end of the beginning” 9:11 — Scratch joke: “My friends, yet another job has been lost on George Bush’s watch”

10:00-10:30 — ML Barber Shop — haircut with Rolando

10:40 — Carriage Cleaners, pick up Adele’s outfit

11:00 — Stop at Food Spot for NYT, WSJ, Herald

11:15 —MLTH kitchen — give Adele her outfit, she takes Herald, I get WSJ, NYT

12:15 — lunch (cheeseburger, mixed fruit)

12:40 — MLTH bedroom, get hardhat out of closet

12:43 — Walk to driveway with Adele, drive to MCC High School for 391st Workday

1:59 — Climb on stage, wave to high school students, hug grandkids

2:01 — Adele lauds 44-year marriage but tweaks me about first meeting, laugh heartily, wave finger, “There you go again!” audible to friends in first row

2:03 — Stand at podium, thank Adele for “wonderful introduction”

2:04 — Sip water, deliver remarks

2:14 — End speech, raise arms joyously, pump right fist

3:38 — Live remote on CNN’s “Inside Politics”; Judy Woodruff closes by saying “I know we’ll be seeing you again”; she know something about Veep search?

4:32 — Steak & Ale, caesar salad, no anchovies

4:41 — Dinner arrives (steak, no ale)

5:20 — Return MLTH, change into robe, slippers

5:40-8:59 — Watch rerun of “Golden Girls,” Lehrer show, search for cable reax to announcement

9:00 — Switch to “Larry King Live,” Laci Peterson again. (At least it’s not Siegfried & Roy.)

9:10 —MLTH bedroom, kiss Adele, lights out