NRSC Enlists K St. PACs

Posted May 4, 2004 at 6:56pm

Key fundraisers for Senate Republicans met privately with dozens of corporate lobbyists this week to launch a concerted effort to raise thousands of dollars for Republican candidates who face tough races in November.

At a closed-door meeting at the National Republican Senatorial Committee on Monday, more than 50 directors of corporate PACs were asked to give money to a half-dozen fundraising committees that have been established to aid Senate candidates who face primary opposition.

The idea is to raise a pot of money that the NRSC can hand to whichever Republican emerges from potentially divisive GOP primaries in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

“We’re helping to raise money for whoever the eventual nominee is so that they will have the money to start their [general election] race,” said a Republican involved in the new effort.

The new project builds on an effort devised by Senate Republicans earlier this year to help Senate candidates in California and Illinois.

“This is an excellent opportunity to ensure that our nominees are in excellent position coming out of the primary,” Allen said.

— Brody Mullins