Still Making News After All These Years

Posted September 8, 2004 at 3:20pm

A look back at issues of Roll Call from 1966 reveals some newsmakers who, after 38 years, are still in the headlines.

As a Representative from Illinois, Donald Rumsfeld (far left) found time to polish his unicycle skills on Capitol Hill. According to Roll Call’s February account, Rumsfeld “borrowed the cycle from a friend several weeks ago, and now can be seen riding through the streets of Georgetown once a week.”

A few months later, actor Ronald Reagan, pictured at left with fellow actor and then-Sen. George Murphy (R-Calif.), visited the Hill in June after winning the Golden State’s GOP gubernatorial primary.

And a bearded Larry King (bottom) celebrated the publication of his first novel, “The One-Eyed Man.” It would be 19 more years before the debut of his CNN talk show, “Larry King Live.”