1968: Still Looking For Answers

Posted September 17, 2004 at 3:04pm

In 1968, “The Inquiring Photographer” was a regular feature in Roll Call. Photographers headed to Capitol Hill, armed with a question, and asked people for their answers. And, it turns out, some of the questions posed back then are still being asked today. Take the two examples here: In 1969, the abolition of both the Electoral College and the national party conventions were just two of the topics being posed to readers.

What to do about both institutions is still a hot topic today. Many have questioned the relevancy of the recently held Republican and Democratic national conventions, since they now serve largely ceremonial purposes. And just last week Reps. Brian Baird and Gene Green introduced a constitutional amendment that would do away with the Electoral College.

As for “The Inquiring Photographer,” the feature lived on for more than three decades beyond 1968, finally coming to an end in early 2001.