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Love (On)Line

Seems all the young lovers these days are splashing their wedding announcements and mushy tales of love at first sight on wedding Web sites for the whole world to see. The young and aspiring Israel “Izzy” Klein, communications director to Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), is no exception.

His wedding site, which is now password-protected thanks to HOH, is loaded with pictures of him and his lovely fiancée, Sarah Ackerstein, and the beautiful story of how they met, fell in love behind a sofa and are now planning their wedding for March 25, 2006: “358 days until the big day,” as their loveth proclaimeth.

Before clicking on their photo album, which includes photos of their “famous friends” — there’s one of “Sarah with John Corbett (Aidan!)” — you could have read how Izzy and Sarah met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in September 2001.

“We spent several hours sitting on the floor behind a couch (silly!) chatting and getting to know one another (and playing M&M soccer) … and every year on that night we thank G-d for Jeremy Goldberg’s birthday!” their site relates.

Under the category “bride and groom,” Izzy gushes about Sarah and Sarah gushes about Izzy. Sarah, who is finishing up law school, says that from the moment Izzy “walked across Jeremy Goldberg’s living room wearing a baby blue sweater chosen by his sisters, I knew he would be part of my life. What I couldn’t imagine then was that he would become the center of it — the warmest hug, the safest place, the strongest support. Izzy is my conscience.” Sarah says no one is prouder of Izzy than she is. She adds, “You can quote me when he runs for the Senate!”

As you can imagine, this ambitious Washington couple is already thinking of the family they might create — “with a bunch of kids whose first words are Presidents’ names!” Awww. How cute!

Does Izzy, 28, the former head of College Democrats at his alma mater, Georgetown University, really have political aspirations? Klein wouldn’t rule it out, but he told HOH he’s sure his fiancée didn’t “intend to take any attention away from the wedding” by announcing his candidacy on their wedding site!

HOH would like to wish the happy couple all the best of luck. And to anyone out there angling for an invitation to these up-and-comers’ wedding, you might want to click on the gift registry on But hurry! The wedding is only a year away.

Twenty-Year Itch. The Hammer’s back is no longer itching.

In the you-scratch-mine, I’ll-scratch-yours category, one of the conservative leaders who has rushed to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s (R-Texas) defense is Morton Blackwell. A board member of the American Conservative Union, Blackwell posted a letter on the ACU’s Web site Friday urging fellow conservatives to join him and “attack those who attack Tom DeLay.”

“They tried without success to generate a feeding frenzy against Ronald Reagan for many years. They tried it without success against George W. Bush’s re-election. Now they’re trying it against Tom DeLay,” wrote Blackwell, who was among the group of grass-roots conservative leaders who met privately with DeLay last week to strategize his political survival.

He asked conservatives to do three things: “Attack the attackers for their outrageous bias,” encourage other conservative organizations to defend DeLay, and ask Members of Congress what they are doing to fight the liberal attackers who are running ads against DeLay and accusing him of using the Terri Schiavo case to deflect attention away from his ethics troubles.

Now that DeLay is facing his own life support dilemma, Blackwell is returning a favor big time.

Just last month, DeLay sent out a fundraising pitch asking conservative supporters to give money to his “good friend” Blackwell’s Leadership Institute to train and place young conservatives on college campuses. “Will you help me raise $6,400 for each conservative student organization Morton expects to launch in the next six months? A total of $320,000 for 50 new conservative student organizations?” DeLay wrote.

DeLay’s spokesman, Dan Allen, said his boss “appreciates the deep support he’s receiving from stalwarts within the conservative movement.”

Over and Out. Although Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) was auctioned off on eBay like an old set of frying pans, the Congressman says he has no hard feelings toward the constituent who did that. During recess, the constituent, whose identity has not been disclosed, was auctioning off a seat at a lunch with Moran. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a sit-down, face-to-face lunch with a Congressman” who has introduced “many historic bills,” the ad on eBay read.

Moran’s spokesman, Austin Durrer, told HOH that when the Congressman’s staff read about the auction in the Hotline, they quickly called eBay and asked the online auctioneer to take down the item. No clue who was selling the lunch with Moran. Durrer said there was no name or telephone number, only an eBay ID number.

He said Moran “offers these lunches to charitable organizations from time to time” but that it had been very difficult to track down who was selling the lunch on eBay. The Moran item was only posted for a few hours, but it fetched a handsome bid of $125.

“While the Congressman’s time is precious, you don’t need to win an auction on eBay to get his attention,” Durrer said. “He’d be glad to make time for a constituent any time.” Durrer said that Moran harbors no “ill will” toward the constituent who was selling a seat at the lunch.

“The Congressman is glad to have lunch with him anytime,” Durrer said.

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