Fortress of Solitude

Can You Identify This Quiet Capitol Hill Refuge?

Posted August 5, 2005 at 4:37pm

Though Washington, D.C., may very well be at the height of its tourist season, the Congressional recess nonetheless seems to bring a sense of calm to the hot, packed city. And, despite the throngs of visitors, peace and quiet can be found. Above, a person finds such solitude as he walks past an elegant, yet empty, courtyard in an equally quiet building near the Capitol. Can you identify the building that houses this courtyard?

In our most recent Lost and Found, we asked you to identify not only the location of a statue around the Hill, but also whom it represents. The answer: This is a closeup of a statue of one of two figures surrounding Christopher Columbus on the Columbus Memorial Fountain in front of Union Station. The figure, which sits to the right of Columbus, is meant to resemble an American Indian and represents the New World, which Columbus discovered. The other figure, on Columbus’ left, resembles a 15th-century European that symbolizes the Old World.