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GOP: Businessman Can Hackett Versus Carney

In businessman Chris Hackett (R), the Republicans think they might finally have a candidate capable of ousting Rep. Chris Carney (D) in the solidly GOP 10th district.

Carney, who won the seat last year partly due to former Rep. Don Sherwood’s (R) scandal-ridden personal life, is well-regarded in his district and reasonably positioned for re-election considering the strong Republican bent of his district.

Hackett, however, sees an opening, claiming that Carney hasn’t followed through on his campaign promises.

“Chris Carney made many promises to get elected, and has let us down,” Hackett said in a statement as he announced his candidacy. “Carney says one thing to get elected here at home, and does another in support of his liberal friends in Washington.”

Carney closed the second quarter with a healthy $445,000 on hand. He might need it, as the National Republican Congressional Committee has said Carney will be one of its top targets in next year’s elections.

— David M. Drucker

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