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Pryce’s People

Jennifer Douris would eventually like to advocate for groups that work on issues related to children and adoption in developing countries. The experience she is gaining as Rep. Deborah Pryce’s (R-Ohio) new legislative director should help her in that quest. [IMGCAP(1)]

Noble goals aside, the Irving, Texas, native is not without her quirks. For example, she doesn’t like leftovers.

“Even if food has only been in the fridge a day I won’t eat it,” she said.

Douris, 27, handles typical legislative director duties as well as appropriation projects and international relations, defense, energy and trade issues.

She earned a bachelor’s degree from Dallas Baptist University in 2002 and previously worked for House Minority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.).

Speaking of quirks, Edward Simon has never been on a roller coaster or owned a computer. But that shouldn’t affect his job as Pryce’s new legislative assistant. Simon previously was a staff assistant and legislative correspondent for Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.). [IMGCAP(2)]

From Wilmington, Del., Simon is now responsible for education, labor, agriculture, veterans’ affairs, judiciary, pension and tax issues. He earned a bachelor’s from the University of Delaware in 2004, and he aspires to run his own business.

Another new Pryce staffer, Steven Gilleland, is fresh out of the University of Miami, where he earned a bachelor’s in political science in May. He will now serve as Pryce’s staff assistant and has the duties of answering phones, sorting mail, scheduling and giving tours and general administrative support.

This new staffer offered a tidbit about himself that isn’t so much quirky as it is painful: He had a thorn stuck in his eye when he was about 10.

Gilleland, 22, is from Dublin, Ohio, and eventually wants to go to law school. He has experience at a lobbying firm, with campaigns and as a page for the Ohio House of Representatives.

Peter Freeman, Pryce’s new deputy chief of staff, says he would like to dress up like Harry Potter on Halloween and has a man crush on James Blunt. He has a “Restore Hetch Hetchy” bumper sticker on his car and suffers from slight narcolepsy. He is 27.

From Bainbridge Island, Wash., he earned a bachelor’s from Georgetown University in 2002. He served as a Congressional page and interned for then-Rep. Rick White (R-Wash.), and he also worked for BKSH & Associates. He previously was a legislative correspondent, legislative assistant and legislative director for Pryce, and he worked as a policy adviser for the House Republican Conference.

His future goals are to run a crêperie stand in Georgetown.

“If that doesn’t work out, I will settle for finding a job that allows me to shuttle between Seattle and D.C. on a regular basis,” he said.

Caitlin Short, from Westerville, Ohio, is Pryce’s new legislative correspondent. She previously was a finance assistant for Pryce for Congress and also served as her staff assistant.

Short, 23, is training for the Marine Corps Marathon and would like to someday own a vineyard. She earned a bachelor’s degree in 2006 from Miami University of Ohio.

Her favorite movie is “Mermaids.”

“Ya, with Cher,” she said.

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