Olson Shows Fundraising Prowess of His Ex-Bosses

Posted October 4, 2007 at 10:54am

Pete Olson, running in the 22nd district Republican primary, raised $211,000 in the third quarter and banked $180,000 — despite jumping into the race just 45 days ago.

Olson recently left his job as Sen. John Cornyn’s (R) chief of staff and moved back to the Houston suburbs to run for the seat currently held by Rep. Nick Lampson (D). Former Sen. Phil Gramm (R), whom Olson also has worked for, is scheduled to headline a fundraiser for him on Oct. 28.

“I like our numbers this quarter,” Olson said this week during a telephone interview.

Olson said his donors represented a cross-section of his existing contacts and came from the district, Texas generally, Washington, D.C., and such states as California, New York, Oregon and Vermont.

The 22nd district leans Republican, and the March 4 primary is shaping up as a crowded affair, with more than a half-dozen Republicans either running or examining a bid.

— David M. Drucker