Obama Moves Into Tie With Clinton Nationally, Leads Her In S.C.

Posted January 7, 2008 at 5:51pm

Read the USA Today/Gallup poll

USA Today reports a just-in Gallup poll shows Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama tied at 33 percent in a national poll. That erases the 18 pont lead Clinton held in December. John Edwards is at 15 percent. On the Republican side, Gallup says Mike Huckabee has jumped into a national lead for the first timewith 25 percent, followed by Rudy Giulian at 20 percent, John McCain at 19%, Fred Thompson at 12%, Mitt Romney, 9%; and Ron Paul at 4 percent. Last month, Huckabee’s support was just 16 perce.tThe margin of error is 5 points.

Spelling more trouble for Clinton, a Rasmussen Reports poll Obama now holds a 42 percent to 30 percent lead over her in South Carolina, another pivotal early primary. Edwards has 14 percent.