Clinton, McCain Leading in Florida, Giuliani Fourth

Posted January 22, 2008 at 3:41pm

John McCain is at the head of the Republican race in Florida, according to an American Research Group poll released today. McCain, at 29 percent, is holding on to a seven percentage point lead over nearest rival Romney. Mike Huckabee comes in at 17 percent, keeping Rudy Giuliani — with 16 percent — fourth in a state where he has concentrated time, effort and money in order to launch a viable national campaign.

While the Democratic National Committee has stripped the state party of all its delegates, Florida Democrats will still be able to vote on Tuesday in the presidential primary. And at the moment, Hillary Rodham Clinton holds a large lead over Barack Obama.

In the poll of likely Democratic voters, Clinton has 59 percent to Obama’s 21 percent, and leads him among several groups, including men, women, white voters and Hispanic voters. Obama pulls a 75 to 19 percent lead over Clinton with African-American voters. John Edwards is trailing, garnering support from only 14 percent of respondents.

The poll, conducted Jan. 20-21, has a margin of error of ‘ 4 percentage points.