Alaska: Young, Restless, Starts His TV Ad Campaign

Posted January 28, 2008 at 6:48pm

Embattled Rep. Don Young (R) has started running ads in his home state, marking the beginning of his first serious election challenge in recent history. The 18-term Member started running television and newspaper ads Friday, according to a campaign spokesman.

In the 30-second TV spot, Young speaks directly into the camera through most of the ad.

“I am not one that believes that I cannot be be replaced,” Young says. “I know that will happen someday. But seniority does work and is valuable for the state of Alaska. And as long as I have that fire in my belly and that dedication to doing it, I’m the person who should be elected to that job. Not for Don Young, but for Alaska.”

Young’s longtime media consultant, Art Hackney, said the statewide buy will continue until Feb. 5, when state Republicans will vote for their preferred candidate in the presidential primary.

Hackney said the ad serves as the “initial volley of the campaign” to remind voters that Young is running again.

Young has a credible Republican primary opponent and three Democrats running for the right to challenge him in November. State Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux is challenging Young in the Republican primary, while 2006 Democratic nominee Diane Benson, former state House Minority Leader Ethan Berkowitz and former Alaska Democratic Chairman Jake Metcalfe are running for their party’s nod.
— Shira Toeplitz