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Exit Polls Underline Strength Of Obama Victories

Early exit polling by CNN in Virginia showed that Barack Obama not only did well among the groups with whom he has been strongest in this campaign, but that he cut into voting blocs that had been strong for Hillary Clinton. Here are some examples:

– Obama bested Clinton among voters over 60 by 52 percent to 47 percent.
– Obama led Clinton among women 58 percent to 42 percent.
– He won 59 percent of votes from those who earn less than $50,000 a year and 62 percent among those who said they were labor union members.

As expected, 90 percent of black voters sided with Obama. The one place Clinton had a significant edge, as in earlier polls and votes, was among Virginia Democrats who said experience was the most decisive factor, and they backed her with 96 percent.

Exit polls reported by [MSNBC
and the Associated Press had these highlights:

– Obama won the votes of 80 percent of Virginia Democrats under the age of 30.
– Nearly 70 percent Republican voters called themselves conservatives and Mike Huckabee won half their votes. Thirty-seven percent of Virginia Republican voters were born-again evangelical Christians. They voted 63 percent for Huckabee and just 28 percent for McCain.. Huckabee also won half of those who said they were looking for someone who shared their values.
– Voters in both parties picked the economy as the most important issue.
– Lots of new voters. Over a third of Virginia Democrats said they had not voted in a primary before, as did almost 20 percent in Maryland.
– Republican voters in Virginia who said they frequently listened to conservative talk radio voted 51 percent for Huckabee, while non-listeners voted 57 percent for McCain. But in Maryland, frequent listeners still supported McCain over Huckabee.

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