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Fox Poll Shows Close Texas Race, Clinton Ahead In Ohio

Polls in Texas and Ohio by Fox News/Opinion Dynamics show a closer race in Texas than two earlier polls today that had Barack Obama ahead beyond the margins of erro. And Fox reported a bigger lead in Ohio for Hillary Clinton than those polls reported.

In Texas, Obama led Clinton 48 percent to 45 percent, within the 4 point margin of error. The poll was conducted Feb. 26-28. Seventeen percent of Clinton supporters said they could change their mind by Tuesday, while 21 percent of Obama supporters said that. Democratic voters listed, in this order of importance, the issues of most concern to them: the economy (32 percent), Iraq 25 percent) and health care (23 percent). Clinton leads among women 50 percent to 43 percent with the flip side being that Obama leads among men 52 percent to 39 percent. As other polls have shown, Obama has a big lead among voters under 45. The two run even among whites, Obama leads 87 percent to 9 percent among black voters, and Clinton leads 67 percent to 29 percent among Hispanic voters.

In Ohio, Clinton has a 46 percent to 38 percent lead, with a 4 point margin of error. Fourteen percent of voters answered “don’t know.” Ohio Democrats seem to have their minds made up about sticking with their choices a little more than their counterparts in Texas. The economy was more heavily on the minds of voters in economically-struggling Ohio, cited by 47 percent of them as the top issue. Health care was next at 22 percent and Iraq third at 19 percent. Another difference between Ohio and Texas is that Obama does not enjoy a big edge here with voters under 45, something corroborated by one of the other polls today. Clinton leads among white voters 50 percent to 34 percent, while Obama has a 72 percent to 9 percent margin among black voters. (American Research Group had white voters as 82 percent of the sample and black voters at 16 percent).

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