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How The Pollsters Fared In Texas And Ohio

So, how accurate were the polls that CQ Politics brought you the day before Tuesday’s primaries? We went back and looked at those released on Monday, excluding Tuesday so that no one had an extra day of polling over the others. Here are the numbers, judge for yourselves.If you want to see the fuller descriptions of the polls in each state, click on the Texas and Ohio links.

**Texas final result: Hillary Clinton 51 percent, Barack Obama 47 percent**

– American Research Group: Clinton 50 percent, Obama 47 percent
– Belo Texas Tracking Poll: Clinton 46 percent, Obama 46 percent
– Rasmussen Reports: Clinton 48 percent, Obama 47 percent
– Survey USA: Clinton 49 percent, Obama 48 percent
– InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion: Clinton 49, Obama 44
– Zogby: Obama 47 percent, Clinton 44 percent

**Ohio final result**: **Clinton 54 percent, Obama 44 percent**

– American Research Group: Clinton 56 percent, Obama 42 percent
– University of Cincinnati Ohio Poll: Clinton 51.3 percent, Obama 42.3 percent
– Rasmussen Reports: Clinton 50 percent, Obama 44 percent
– Public Policy Polling: Clinton 51 percent, Obama 42 percent
– SurveyUSA: Clinton 54 percent, Obama 44 percent
– Suffolk University: Clinton 52 percent, Obama 40 percent
– Quinnipiac: Clinton 49 percent, Obama 45 percent
– Zogby: Obama 47 percent, Clinton 45 percent

Again, to keep everyone equal, these are the polls released Monday. Zogby did release a poll on Tuesday that had Clinton edging ahead 47 percent to 44 percent in Texas and moving into a 44 percent each tie with Obama.

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