New Jersey: Health KO’s Wealthy Republican’s Senate Bid

Posted March 5, 2008 at 6:48pm

After suffering what she called a “mini-stroke” earlier this week, Republican Senate candidate Anne Evans Estabrook announced Wednesday morning that ongoing medical concerns have forced her to drop her bid to challenge Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D) in November.

Estabrook, a wealthy real estate developer who was making her first foray into electoral politics, said in a statement that on Monday morning she was taken to the emergency room at Monmouth Medical Center after experiencing early symptoms of a stroke.

“After several hours of testing, the doctors confirmed that I had suffered a Transient Ischemic Attack or mini-stroke,” Estabrook said. “Thankfully, the initial assessment is that I have not suffered any long-term consequences as a result of the attack. However, the bad news is that once the condition presents itself, there is a high likelihood it could happen again.”

Estabrook, who said her late husband died of a stroke, called her decision to withdraw from the race difficult, but “the right one for my family, myself and our party.”

“I am very sorry to hear about the decision made by Anne Evans Estabrook to end her Senate candidacy and I wish her a swift recovery,” National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Ensign (Nev.) said in a statement Wednesday. “She was an excellent candidate and I am sure she will remain a force in New Jersey politics for years to come.’

Estabrook’s decision to withdraw from the race leaves two Republicans, state Sen. Joe Pennacchio and college professor Murray Sabrin, in the GOP primary. The filing deadline is April 7.
— John McArdle