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Clinton Opens Big Lead In Pennsylvania

Hillary Clinton has opened a big 52 percent to 37 percent lead over Barack Obama in Pennsylvania, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll conducted March 5. The margin of error is 4 percent. Rasmussen says the biggest different between its new poll and one in late February that showed her only 4 points ahead is that she is doing significantly better among men voters, leading Obama by 11 points where he once led by 14. Most of the likely Democratic voters said they had heard of Clinton’s now-famous “3 a.m.” ad asking who parents of a sleeping child wanted to be in the White House if the phone rang there at 3 a.m. Forty eight percent of Democrats said they’d like Clinton to be there to answer it compared to 30 percent for Obama and 15 percent for McCain.

On issues, Pennsylvania voters disapprove of NAFTA 43 percent to 25 percent; half of the voters say the economy is the top issue and Clinton leads Obama there by 28 points; 18 percent cite Iraq and Obama leads in that category by 10 points; and, 13 percent name health care where Clinton again leads by more than 20 points.

See John Baer’s column in the Philadelphia Daily News, ” Pennsylvania Is Clinton’s On Paper … And Hers To Lose.”

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