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After Victory Tuesday, Clinton Closes Back In On Obama

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Hillary Clinton’s victories this week in Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island have vaulted her back into a statistical dead-heat with Barack Obama in a national poll conducted by Newsweek March 5-6. Obama now leads by 45 percent to 44 percent. The margin of error is 3.5 percent. Today’s Gallup daily tracking poll, based on a March 5-7 survey, shows a similarly close result: Clinton 46 percent, Obama 45 percent.

Newsweek also said that Democrats “are ready to rally around the candidate they trust most to improve the economy, amid fears of a recession.” (See also, a story about those concerns in today’s Los Angeles Times). Forty-seven percent of Democrats cited the economy as the top issue, with health care and Iraq second and third, but far behind. However, neither candidate dominates on the issue of the economy.

Zogby posted a poll yesterday that was conducted Feb. 22-23 that found Clinton, Obama and John McCain bunched together in terms of voters’ views on who could best handle the economy.