Who Do You Trust More?

Posted March 10, 2008 at 8:48am

Rasmussen Reports asked that question on five issues when it ccame to voters’ views of John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.The answers:

– **National Security:** McCain bests Clinton by 13 points and Obama by 25 points.
– **Economy:** Clinton leads McCain by 6 points, while McCain leads Obama by the same margin.
– **Reducing Government Corruption:** Obama does better than McCain by 9 points while McCain leads Clinton by 11.
– **Iraq:** McCain leads Clinton by 4 and has a slightly larger margin over Obama.
– **Taxes:** Pretty close here. Clinton has a 2 point edge over McCain while McCain has a 5 point lead over Obama.

On all these issues, there is a significant gender gap between Clinton and McCain , with women mostly siding with Clinton and men with McCain. The margin of error for this March 7-9 poll is 3 points.