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Clinton Has An Honesty Gap Compared To Obama And McCain

Voters consider Hillary Clinton, by far, to be the least honest and trustworthy of the three candidates in the presidential race, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll conducted March 14-16. Forty-four percent of those surveyed said they considered her honest and trustworthy while 53 percent did not. By contrast, John McCain is considered honest and trustworthy by a 67 percent to 27 percent margin, and Barack Obama is close at 63 percent to 29 percent. Clinton also lags the two by double-digits on the question of who would work well with both parties in Washington to get things done.

The poll tested the candidates for nine other questions of character and qualities:

– **Cares about the needs of people like you:** Obama 66 percent; Clinton and McCain both at 54 percent.
– **Strong and decisive leader:** McCain 69 percent, Clinton 61 percent, Obama 56 percent.
– **Shares your values:** Obama 51 percent, McCain 46 percent, Clinton 45 percent
– **Has a clear plan for solving the country’s future problems:** Clinton 49 percent, McCain 42 percent, Obama 41 percent
– **Has a vision for the country’s future:** Clinton 68 percent, Obama 67 percent, McCain 65 percent
– **Can manage the government effectively:** McCain 60 percent, Clinton 51 percent, Obama 48 percent
– **Understands the problems Americans face in their daily lives:** Obama 67 percent, Clinton 58 percent, McCain 55 percent
– **Would work well with both parties in Washington to get things done:** Obama 62 percent, McCain 61 percent, Clinton 49 percent.
– **Is someone you would be proud to have as president:** Obama 57 percent, McCain 55 percent, Clinton 47 percent.

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