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Michigan: Possible Challenger to Kildee Fishes for Support

State Sen. John Gleason (D) might be moving a step closer to challenging Rep. Dale Kildee (D), the Flint Journal reported. According to the local news report, a Gleason supporter was collecting signatures last weekend at community fish fry.

Gleason told the Flint Journal, however, that he has no plans to run — though he would not rule out a bid either. But the state Senator known for his personable campaign style did not hold his fire for Kildee, who is running for his 17th term.

“People don’t see [Kildee] anymore. … I don’t ever see him — ever,” Gleason told the paper. “He’s not in the district. … People tell me he’s looking old.”

A handful of people have publicly flirted with challenging Kildee in the Democratic primary over his decades in office, though none has been able to mount a serious challenge.

Kildee’s district is considered a safe bet for Democrats given its large union constituency. Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) took 59 percent of the vote in 2004 in the district.
— Shira Toeplitz

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