Voters Liked Obama’s Speech, But His Numbers As A “Uniter” Fall

Posted March 21, 2008 at 11:45pm

CBS News re-interviewed voters it had canvassed during the controversy over the rhetoric of Barack Obama’s ex-pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, before Obama gave his Tuesday speech in Philadelphia on race. That poll said sixty-five percent said Wright’s oratory made no difference in how they viewed Obama and 30 percent said the story made them look less favorably on Obama. Its new poll said that 69 percent of voters who have been following this story said Obama did a good job in his Philadelphia speech on race relations while 20 percent thought he did a poor job.

Seventy percent of voters said the controversy over Wright would make no difference in how they vote. But Obama did suffer a decline in the number of voters who believed he would unite the country – from 67 percent in February to 52 percent now.