Some Dems May Sit Out Election

Posted March 27, 2008 at 6:55pm

A CNN/Opinion Research poll, conducted March 21-23, said 16 percent of Hillary Clinton’s supporters would sit out the November election if Obama was the nominee and an equal number of Obama supporters said they would too if it’s the other way around. CNN added the cautionary note that “polls are just snapshots of how people feel at the moment. If the Democrats can come together and agree on a nominee, most of the ill will could be just a memory by November.”

A Pew Research poll earlier today explored the question of how many supporters of each would vote for John McCain if their candidate didn’t get the nomination. Pew said 32 percent of Clinton backers would support McCain if Obama is the nominee. Twenty-eight percent of Obama supporters say the same. Pew noted that many of these defections come from independentys who lean Democratic and that when the question is limited to Democrats, the figures is 25 percent for Clinton supporters and 20 percent for Obama supporters.