Concern Over The Economy Surges

Posted March 28, 2008 at 10:20am

Gallup says in a new report this morning that the number of Americans worried “a great deal” about the economy has surged 20 percent in the last year, moving that issue up from sixth to first place on a list of 12 issues of concern on which Gallup polls. The other issue of concern to show a double-digit increase – 11 percent – was unemployment. The survey was conduced March 6-9.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of the campaign coverage in this morning’s papers centered around economic issues:

– The Campaign And Mortgage Crisis: Intervention Or A Bailout? *New York Times*
– As Candidates Warm to Bush Tax Cuts, Economists Warn of Long-Term Effect *Washington Post*
– Economy Emerges As Central Campaign Issue *Los Angeles Times*

Close behind the economy was health care about which 58 percent also said they worried a great deal. Crime and violence was cited by 49 percent, energy at 40 percent, Social Security at 46 percent, drug use at 43 percent, while the environment, illegal immigration and terrorism registered at 40 percent.

Noting partisan differences on these issues, Gallup said Republicans were more concerned than Democrats on illegal immigration and terrorism, while Democrats expressed more concern about healthcare, energy, Social Security, the environment, hunger/homelessness, unemployment, and race relations.