Alabama: The Club for Growth Is Just Wild About Harri

Posted April 9, 2008 at 6:51pm

The powerful anti-tax group the Club for Growth has endorsed state Sen. Harri Anne Smith (R) in the open 2nd district seat being vacated by GOP Rep. Terry Everett.

In a statement Wednesday, the club said Smith “has a proven track record of sticking up for taxpayers” and took a shot at Smith’s top primary rival, state Rep. Jay Love, for voting for “multiple tax increases … including the massive tax hike in 2003.”

Referring to Smith’s opposition to the 2003 tax increase, Club for Growth President Pat Toomey said, “When a candidate is the only state Senator voting against a massive tax increase, taxpayers know they can count on her to fight the tax hikers and big spenders in Congress.”

The winner of the GOP primary in June likely will face Democrat Bobby Bright, who serves as mayor of Montgomery, in the general election. Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee leaders are keen on Bright, calling him the type of conservative Democrat who can be competitive in Southeast Alabama.

— John McArdle