California: DCCC Unveils Web Site Attacking McNerney Foe

Posted April 22, 2008 at 6:48pm

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Tuesday launched a Web site focused on presumptive 11th district GOP nominee Dean Andal, who is set to challenge freshman Rep. Jerry McNerney (D) in November.

McNerney represents a Republican-leaning Central Valley seat and is one of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s top targets this cycle. The DCCC calls its Web site “Radical Andal,” and it can be found at

According to the DCCC, the Web site’s purpose is to highlight “Radical Dean Andal’s extremist record on child safety, education, family values, health care, housing, labor rights and women’s safety.” Andal previously served as a California assemblyman, and the DCCC believes his legislative voting record is politically problematic.

“Radical Dean Andal’s record is incredibly out of step with people in the district,” DCCC spokesman Yoni Cohen said in a statement.

However, Andal was the NRCC’s top choice to challenge McNerney, and Republicans believe his strong ties to the district and previous service in the state Assembly will prove to be an asset in the general election.

Republicans contend that McNerney only won last in 2006 because of the large GOP undervote, as several thousand Republicans declined to vote for then-Rep. Richard Pombo (R), but also declined to cast a ballot for McNerney.

Ken Spain, the NRCC’s press secretary, said Democrats need to be careful with their rhetoric in this race.

“Democrats should tread lightly when tossing rhetorical bombs into this district about alleged extremism because Jerry McNerney will undoubtedly be catching the political shrapnel,” Spain said. “Voters in this Republican-leaning district will resoundingly reject Jerry McNerney’s liberal extremist record of massive tax hikes, providing handouts for illegal immigrants, and cutting off funding for our troops in harms way.”

— David M. Drucker