Obama’s Inexperience, McCain’s Age and Clinton’s Honesty

Posted April 30, 2008 at 8:46am

So, what comes to mind when you think of Barack Obama, John McCain and Hillary Clinton. Gallup put that question to its “panel” of 1,008 adults during April 25-27 and these “what comes to mind results” came back: the top impression of Obama was about his inexperience, with 15 percent choosing that compared to 12 percent in Nov. 2006. A similar number said “dishonest/don’t trust” about Clinton compared to 6 percent in 2006. And 12 percent said McCain was too old compared to 2 percent in two years ago.

Here were the next three top characteristics for each:

– Obama: Thirteen percent said “fresh face with new ideas/good change,” 9 percent liked him and 9 percent disliked him.
– McCain: Twelve percent said “good man/like him,” 10 percent said “more of the same” and called him another George Bush, and tying at 8 percent were “military background” and “don’t like him.”
– Clinton: Thirteen percent said “past baggage associated with Bill,” 10 percent said “qualified, capable of being president,” and 9 percent disliked her.