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Beating the Slow Economy

Jennifer Krimm found a job. This may not seem like a noteworthy fact, given that this is a column about, well, jobs. But Krimm is no ordinary Climber. She empathized with a January feature in The Washington Post aptly titled “Highly Skilled and Out of Work,” so much that she later wrote a letter to the editor sharing her own frustrations.

[IMGCAP(1)]“I moved to Adams Morgan in October convinced that my stint studying al-Jazeera in the Middle East as a Fulbright scholar, my internship at the White House, my public relations experience in Kuwait and my Ivy League education in government and international relations would give me an edge,” she wrote in her letter. “Yet after months of searching for a job eight hours a day, every day, my savings are gone, I cannot pay the rent and I cannot afford to eat anything more elaborate than fried potatoes a la Tabasco.”

Luckily for Krimm, the days of Tabasco potatoes have passed, because she just became the communications director for Rep. Ben Chandler (D-Ky.).

As expected, Krimm has nothing but good things to say about her new boss.

[IMGCAP(2)]“He’s absolutely wonderful. It’s great to work for someone that you voted for,” she told Climbers.

Krimm earned her Ivy League degree from Dartmouth University in 2006, majoring in government. The 23-year-old is originally from Lancaster, Ky. In the Washington Post article, she says that her dream job would be to “start a nonprofit to foster Western and Middle Eastern cultural understanding and to reform public diplomacy through media.”

For now, though, “I’m thrilled that I have this opportunity to be here,” Krimm told Climbers.

Krimm is joined by another native of Kentucky — Emalee Griffin of Glasgow. Griffin started as Chandler’s scheduler in January.

She graduated in 2007 from Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green where she majored in public relations and political science.

She previously interned for the Congressman in his district office in Lexington, Ky.

“It’s my ideal environment,” Griffin said of Capitol Hill. “I’m just now diving in and understanding the details of my job. The flow is coming to me now, and I’m really enjoying it.”

Griffin, 22, is an alumna of the Kappa Delta sorority. When she isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her friends.

Her most embarrassing moment on the Hill came when she mispronounced the name of an organization during a scheduling meeting, leaving Chandler befuddled as to what exactly she meant.

“But he totally made me feel comfortable, and we both laughed it off,” Griffin said.

Lastly, Bethany Williams started as Chandler’s staff assistant in February.

“The atmosphere –– it’s great,” she said of her new job.

Williams called Chandler “super” and said she sees eye to eye with him on pretty much everything — especially budget issues.

“I do believe in holding everyone accountable in terms of spending,” she said.

She is originally from Covington, Ky., and earned a degree in criminal justice from Northern Kentucky University in 2005. During college, she had a chance to study abroad in Africa. After she graduated, she went to work for Cintas Corp. “They’re uniform people,” she said.

Williams, 25, is a part of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. As for what the future holds, she is “exploring … options.”

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