South Carolina: Graham Continues to Tout Conservative Ideals

Posted May 19, 2008 at 6:24pm

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) went up last week with a new radio spot touting his work on judicial nominations and endorsements from the National Rifle Association and the National Taxpayers Union.

“Lindsey Graham was raised in a working-class family in rural South Carolina. That’s where he learned to speak his mind and stand up for his beliefs,” the ad begins. “Those conservative values continue to guide him as our United States Senator.”

The ad continues: “Lindsey Graham’s taken a leading role in getting conservative judges like John Roberts and Sam Alito on the Supreme Court. It’s why he defends the Second Amendment and is endorsed by the NRA. And why he’s one of only 10 Senators to get top honors from the National Taxpayers Union for opposing wasteful Washington spending.”

Graham faces no serious Republican primary or general election challenge in November. He has been criticized, however, by conservatives for his role as one of the “Gang of 14” Senators who tried to broker a deal on President Bush’s judicial nominees.

— Matthew Murray