Latest State-by-State General Election Match-Ups

Posted May 29, 2008 at 12:03pm

Here are our latest additions to CQ Politics state-by-state general election match-ups:

**Alabama:** John McCain leads Barack Obama by 60 percent to 32 percent and Hillary Clinton by 54 percent to 34 percent in a Rasmussen reports poll conducted May 27. McCain is regarded favorably by 62 percent of voters compared to 34 percent, Obama is regarded unfavorably by 61 percent compared to 36 percent who see him favorably, and Clinton’s unfavorability rating is 54 percent compared to 42 percent who see her in a positive light. Half of the voters see the economy as the top election issue. Asked whether voters’ top priority was winning in Iraq or bring American troops home by the end of the next President’s first term, 51 percent answered “winning the war” and 43 percent favored getting the troops home. Sixty-three percent of voters believe it is likely the U.S. will win the war under McCain compared to 23 percent who believed that of Obama. Forty-nine percent believe American troops were likely to return home by the end of a McCain first term compared to 52 percent for Obama. A SurveyUSA poll conducted mid-April had McCain leading Clinton 60 percent to 34 percent and Obama by 64 percent to 32 percent.