Colorado: Sometimes a Donation Isn’t an Endorsement

Posted June 18, 2008 at 5:53pm

Contrary to a news release issued earlier this week by 5th district Republican candidate Jeff Crank, the National Association of Home Builders has not endorsed him in the Aug. 12 GOP primary over incumbent Rep. Doug Lamborn (R).

Crank campaign spokeswoman Amber Glus said Wednesday that the NAHB’s political action committee, BUILD-PAC, had simply donated $5,000 to Crank, but had not endorsed him.

Paul Lopez, a spokesman for the NAHB said in an e-mail that his organization has not endorsed Crank and that the Republican’s first press release claiming as much was incorrect. However, Lopez confirmed that BUILD-PAC has not contributed to Lamborn.

Glus chalked up the confusion to a misunderstanding.