Connecticut: Campaign Ad — This Is Your Life, Jimmy Himes

Posted June 18, 2008 at 5:46pm

Rep. Christopher Shays’ (R) opponent is hitting the airwaves early. Greenwich Democratic Town Committee Chairman Jim Himes has a 30-second biographical spot on cable in the district highlighting what his campaign called his “middle-class” childhood.

The ad features people from his youth who give testimonials about Himes — or as his friends called him, “Jimmy.”

“Jimmy Himes always had two jobs,” one unnamed man said.

“It’s Jim, actually,” Himes responds.

The advertisement continues with accolades from other anonymous figures who know him and call him “Jimmy.”

“I’m Jim — OK, Jimmy — Himes, and I approved this message,” Himes says to finish the ad.

The campaign would not comment on the size or price of the advertisement buy.

Democrats are trying once again to defeat Shays, now running for his 12th term in a district that votes Democratic in presidential elections.