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Obama to Hold Briefing for House Democratic Aides

In a move that could signal the start of Sen. Barack Obama’s (Ill.) outreach to the Hill, top aides will hold a “private briefing” with senior House Democratic staffers on Friday morning to answer questions and give them an update on the campaign.

The session with House Democratic chiefs of staff, which according to an internal e-mail will be the first of regular briefing with Members and aides, will be held at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at 11 a.m. Obama’s Director of Congressional Affairs Michael Robertson and Senior Adviser Michael Strautmanis, who are expected to help lead efforts to liaise with the House and Senate, will conduct the presentation.

“This will be the first of regular briefings for Members and staff that will continue after the July 4th recess,” Robertson said in the e-mail.

The meeting signals that Obama is ready to get serious about engaging with House and Senate Democrats three weeks after assuming the status as the party’s presumptive presidential nominee. Sources close to the campaign said earlier this week that the campaign was in the process of synchronizing its efforts with Capitol Hill and planned to kick off regular interaction and briefings within the coming days. Those sources said Obama would have his coordination plan fully underway by the time lawmakers return from their July Fourth recess.

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