Minnesota: New Coleman Spot Hits Franken Hard

Posted July 23, 2008 at 6:33pm

Sen. Norm Coleman (R) officially went negative on the airwaves against comedian Al Franken (D) in his fifth television advertisement of the cycle, attacking the Democrat for his satire that some have considered demeaning to women.

In the 30-second spot, “Why not?,” a man in a bowling uniform talks about Franken’s candidacy. The advertisement is the second one by Coleman’s campaign that features the same man in a bowling uniform talking about the race.

“The guys and I have been talking,” says the bowler. “We’ve read all this stuff about Al Franken: Not paying taxes. Going without insurance for his employees. Foul-mouthed attacks on anyone he disagrees with. Tasteless, sexist jokes. Writing all that juicy porn. And we’ve decided we’re running for U.S. Senate. Why not? We’re just as qualified as Al Franken, and we’re better bowlers.”

Franken came under fire earlier this year for incorrectly paying his personal taxes in 17 states and not having workers compensation insurance for his corporation, Al Franken Inc., in previous years. Republicans have also criticized Franken for some of his previous risqué writings, including a satirical column for a 2000 issue of Playboy that described a futuristic trip to a sex institute.

Former Sen. Dean Barkley (I), a former aide to Gov. Jesse Ventura (I), is also running. Recent public polls have shown Coleman leading Franken, though it is expected to be one of the most competitive, negative and expensive Senate contests in the country.