Ohio: Schuring Welcomes Foe to District With Attack

Posted July 28, 2008 at 6:26pm

State Sen. Kirk Schuring (R) blasted state Sen. John Boccieri (D) for just registering to vote in the competitive 16th district. The two are squaring off for the seat soon to be vacated by retiring Rep. Ralph Regula (R).

Boccieri’s Senate district includes a small portion of the Congressional district, and he moved into the House district about two months ago. A Boccieri aide said that both Boccieri and his wife registered to vote in the 16th district last Thursday morning.

Schuring’s campaign criticized Boccieri, who national Democrats consider to be a top recruit, for waiting more than a year after he announced his candidacy to register in the district.

“Senator Boccieri’s residence and registration issues are important to voters,” Schuring said in a statement. “This 11th hour move 442 days after he announced his candidacy tells us voters have been telling him that. Unfortunately for Sen. Boccieri he has waited too long.”