Texas: Skelly Tries to Distance Himself From MoveOn

Posted August 8, 2008 at 5:18pm

Businessman Michael Skelly (D), hoping to upset Rep. John Culberson (R) in the solidly conservative 7th district, has called on the liberal group MoveOn.org to take down radio ads that urge voters to reject increased domestic oil drilling as a solution to the high gas prices.

MoveOn.org is running the ad in the Houston market, which encompasses the suburban 7th district. The organization has rebuffed Skelly’s request.

“MoveOn’s opposition to drilling is 100% wrong, and so is John Culberson’s opposition to investment in renewable energy,” Skelly, a wind-energy executive, said in a statement.

Culberson has actually signed on to a policy being pushed by House Republicans that includes support for more domestic drilling and investments in renewable energy.

“Rep. Culberson has been fighting in Washington for an all-of-the-above energy plan to lower gas prices now and in the future,” National Republican Congressional Committee spokeswoman Julie Shutley said. “And while Republicans have stayed in Washington to debate real energy solutions, Michael Skelly’s party in Washington has taken a five-week vacation.”